Catastrophically Injured Road Accident Victim Receives £2.75 Million

Many road accident victims happily make a good recovery, but specialist lawyers should always be the first port of call for those who do not. A catastrophically injured young man's family took that sensible course and secured him £2.75 million in damages to pay for his future care.

Aged in his early 30s at the time, the man was struck down by a car as he crossed a road late at night. Following a trial, a judge found that the driver was 70 per cent to blame for the accident. Although she had been travelling at only about 20mph, and the pedestrian had been drinking, he was there to be seen and a slight steering adjustment would have avoided disaster.

The man suffered a severe brain injury and has since been in something akin to a minimally conscious state. Although there was some disagreement between experts as to the level of his awareness, he is receiving 24-hour care in a nursing home and is unlikely to make any further recovery. The High Court had no hesitation in approving the lump sum settlement, which was agreed following negotiations with the driver's insurers.

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