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Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Life is not always straightforward. Unfortunately people disagree and disputes can arise.

At David W Harris & Co Solicitors we have experienced Solicitors who can help you resolve disputes. Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Disputes over land ownership
  • Boundary disputes
  • Building disputes
  • Disputes over rights of way
  • Disputes over trespass
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Professional negligence (disputes with providers of professional services)
  • Disputes over Wills
  • Recovering debt

Our emphasis is on a practical approach to resolving disputes as quickly and as a cheaply as possible. It is important to consider at the outset how you are going to fund any legal action and equally important for you to be able to decide whether it is worth pursuing a matter to Court.

We are able to explain the various funding options which are available and can advise you of the cost risks involved in pursuing a matter to Court.

If the dispute cannot be resolved without Court intervention then we will ensure that we work to obtain the best possible outcome for you.