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Disputes of all different kinds can affect everyone at some time. Disputes of any kind can be stressful and difficult to settle. Our team at David W Harris and Co has a wealth of experience in a wide range of disputes and litigation. Our team focuses on working with you to resolve matters as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Our team understands any form of dispute can be  a daunting prospect and early legal assistance and guidance is important. 

Our team at David W Harris & Co offers an approachable, sympathetic service for dispute resolution in South Wales. With decades of combined experience, our friendly team can guide you through the challenges of a dispute and provide expert support.

Our dispute resolution lawyers in Swansea, Pontypridd and Talbot Green can help with dispute matters for both individuals and businesses including:

Business Services

  • Debt recovery
  • Contract disputes
  • Directors/Shareholders disputes
  • Landlord and Tenants disputes
  • Dilapidation claims
  • Professional Negligence

Individual Services

Our dispute resolution solicitors are here to help you.

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Why use David W Harris & Co. dispute resolution?

Real expertise you can trust

Our disputes solicitors are genuine experts with many years of experience advising clients across South Wales. As such, you can have confidence that we are able to deal effectively with even the most complex matters and reach a mutual resolution that benefits all parties.

Convenient, local service

We have offices in Pontypridd, Talbot Green and Swansea and home visits can be arranged throughout South Wales. We are happy to work by phone, email and video conferencing to suit your needs and comfort.

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs

We make all of our costs clear upfront, with no hidden charges or additional fees without prior agreement. This means you will know exactly how much our service will cost and there won’t be any surprises.

A complete service for all your dispute resolution needs

Our wide-ranging expertise means we can offer a comprehensive service that covers all areas of dispute resolution. So, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of and that no issue has been overlooked.

Our dispute resolution expertise

Boundary disputes

Boundary disputes are conflicts arising between neighbouring property owners regarding the precise location or ownership of their shared boundaries. These disputes often involve disagreements over fences, walls, hedges, or other structures, and can be resolved through legal means, mediation, or negotiation to establish clear property boundaries.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in South Wales have extensive experience in resolving boundary disputes. We can analyse property deeds, gather evidence, negotiate with the opposing party, and, if necessary, represent you in court to help resolve the dispute and protect your rights and interests.

Building disputes

Building disputes refer to conflicts that arise during construction projects. They involve disagreements between parties such as homeowners, builders, contractors, or architects regarding issues like quality of work, delays, non-compliance with contracts, or payment disputes. Resolving building disputes may require legal intervention and the expertise of dispute resolution solicitors.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in South Wales can play a vital role in settling building disputes. We offer expert legal advice, negotiate on your behalf, mediate between parties, and handle litigation if necessary. Our expertise in construction law and dispute resolution methods can help you navigate complex issues and strive for a fair resolution in a building dispute.

Party wall disputes

Party wall disputes arise when neighbouring property owners encounter disagreements concerning shared walls, boundaries, or structures. Party wall surveyors and dispute resolution solicitors are often involved in resolving these conflicts, ensuring compliance with the Party Wall Act and facilitating amicable solutions.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in South Wales provide valuable assistance in party wall disputes. We offer legal advice, interpret the Party Wall Act, facilitate communication between parties, and help you reach mutually beneficial agreements. Our solicitors can also represent you in legal proceedings if the situation escalates, ensuring your rights and interests are protected throughout the dispute resolution process.

Landlord and tenant disputes

Landlord and tenant disputes can involve issues such as rent arrears, lease violations, maintenance responsibilities, evictions, or deposit disputes. Dispute resolution solicitors assist in resolving these conflicts through negotiation, mediation, or legal action, ensuring a fair resolution for both parties.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in South Wales can assist in resolving landlord and tenant disputes. We can provide legal guidance to both landlords and tenants, help interpret tenancy agreements and applicable laws, negotiate on your behalf and represent you in court if necessary. Our expertise ensures fair resolutions and protects the rights and interests of both parties involved.

Upcoming deadline for Landlords in Wales

Landlords and agents in Wales will now be aware of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 which was implemented in Wales on 01 December 2022; it in effect changed the scope landlords and agents operate and it represented the biggest change in housing law for decades.

There were a number of new Regulations which came into force on the implementation date, notably all properties must comply with the Renting Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) (Wales) Regulations 2022. These Regulations include an important upcoming deadline for all landlords of converted occupation contracts; for the avoidance of doubt, a converted occupation contract is an assured shorthold tenancy in existence before 01 December 2022 which automatically converted into an occupation contract pursuant to the new legislation on the implementation date.

Before 01 December 2023, all landlords of converted occupation contracts must:

  • Ensure that they have a valid Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and
  • Ensure that a working smoke alarm is installed on each storey of the dwelling. Such alarms must be connected to the dwelling’s electrical supply and linked to every other smoke alarm in the dwelling which is connected to the electrical supply and
  • Ensure that a working carbon monoxide alarm is in each room of the dwelling which contained a gas appliance, an oil-fired combustion appliance or a solid fuel burning combustion appliance.

These Regulations seek to safeguard the safety of occupants in privately rented dwellings and with only a few weeks to go until the upcoming deadline, we recommend that steps are taken to meet these legislative requirements. Failure to comply will result in properties being deemed unfit for human habitation and costly fines imposed. Further, failure to comply will affect the validity of any landlord’s notice for possession if served and will in effect cause significant delay with the possession process.

If you are a landlord or agent and you would like to discuss ongoing compliance with the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 or the Renting Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) (Wales) Regulations 2022, please do not hesitate to contact the Civil Litigation team on 01792 455400.

Neighbour disputes

Neighbour disputes are conflicts that arise between individuals living in close proximity to each other. These disputes can involve a wide range of issues, such as noise complaints, boundary disagreements, shared property disputes, nuisance claims, or disputes over trees and plants. Dispute resolution solicitors provide legal advice and assistance to help neighbours resolve these conflicts amicably.

Our conflict resolution solicitors in South Wales offer valuable support in neighbour disputes. We can provide legal guidance, facilitate communication between parties, and explore options for mediation or negotiation. Our solicitors can assess relevant laws and regulations, represent you in legal proceedings, and work towards finding fair resolutions that promote better neighbourly relationships.

Debt recovery

Debt recovery refers to the procedure of pursuing unpaid debts owed by individuals or businesses. It involves various steps, such as issuing demand letters, negotiation, court action, or engaging debt collection agencies. Debt recovery aims to recover outstanding amounts and may involve the assistance of solicitors specialising in debt recovery matters.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in South Wales play a significant role in debt recovery. We can assist creditors by offering legal advice, drafting demand letters, negotiating repayment terms, and initiating legal proceedings if necessary. Our solicitors navigate the complex landscape of debt recovery laws, ensuring you have the best chance of recovering owed amounts effectively and efficiently.

Professional negligence

Professional negligence refers to the failure of a professional, such as a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or architect, to meet the expected standards of their field, resulting in harm or financial loss to their client. It involves breaches of duty, errors, or omissions that fall below the accepted professional standards, leading to a potential legal claim.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in South Wales can provide valuable assistance in professional negligence cases. We assess the merits of the claim, gather evidence, liaise with experts, negotiate with the opposing party, and represent clients in legal proceedings. Our solicitors aim to secure compensation for clients who have suffered harm or financial loss due to professional negligence.

Shareholder disputes

Shareholder disputes can involve disagreements over company management, decision-making, profit distribution, breach of shareholder agreements, or allegations of unfair treatment. Solicitors assist in resolving legal disputes through negotiation, mediation, or legal action, ensuring the protection of shareholders' rights and interests.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in South Wales provide legal guidance, analyse shareholder agreements and company bylaws, negotiate on behalf of clients, and can represent you in court if necessary. Our expertise ensures fair resolutions, protects shareholders' rights, and helps maintain a harmonious business environment.

Contract disputes

Contract disputes occur when parties involved in a contractual agreement disagree on the interpretation, performance, or fulfilment of the contract terms. These disputes can involve issues such as breach of contract, non-payment, delivery disputes, or disagreements over contract terms.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in South Wales offer valuable assistance in contract disputes. We review and analyse contract terms, provide legal guidance, negotiate on behalf of clients, and seek resolution through mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Our solicitors aim to protect your rights, interpret contractual obligations, and strive for fair outcomes in contract disputes.

Consumer claims

Consumer claims are legal actions taken by individuals against businesses or service providers regarding unsatisfactory or faulty goods, services, or unfair practices. These claims can involve issues like product defects, misleading advertising, breach of warranty, or negligence. Solicitors assist consumers in pursuing their claims, seeking compensation, and ensuring their rights are upheld under dispute resolution law.

Our solicitors in South Wales can provide legal advice, assess the validity of the claim, negotiate with the business or service provider, and can represent you in a dispute resolution hearing if necessary. Our solicitors strive to protect consumer rights, seek fair compensation, and advocate for resolution in consumer claims.

Dilapidations claims

Dilapidations claims involve disputes between landlords and tenants regarding the state of a property at the end of a lease. These claims typically address the responsibility for repairing or reinstating the property and seek compensation for any breaches or failure to comply with lease obligations related to maintenance and repairs.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in South Wales can assist you in resolving dilapidations claims. We assess lease agreements, inspect the property, analyse repair obligations, negotiate settlements between landlords and tenants, and can represent you in legal proceedings if necessary. Our solicitors help achieve fair resolutions, protect your interests, and ensure compliance with lease obligations.

TOLATA claims

TOLATA claims refer to legal actions brought under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996. These claims typically involve disputes over the ownership or interests in jointly owned properties, cohabitation agreements, or disputes related to the use, occupation, or sale of the property.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in South Wales provide essential assistance with TOLATA claims. We will strive to protect your interests, resolve property ownership disputes, and ensure fair outcomes under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act.

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