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Personal Injury Solicitors

If you have had an accident within the last 3 years and suffered injury, you are entitled to claim compensation as long as the accident was not your fault.

A personal injury can be upsetting and very disruptive to your life. In the worst cases, it can be lifechanging. Getting the compensation you are entitled to can really help with the impact of your injuries, both financially and in ensuring you can access all of the specialist support you need for your recovery.

David W Harris & Co are specialist personal injury lawyers in South Wales. With decades of combined experience, we can give you the best chance of securing fair compensation, while providing compassionate personal support during what can be a very difficult time.

Our personal injury lawyers in South Wales can help with all types of claims, including:

We also have a specialist team dealing with medical negligence claims.

Whether you need help claiming compensation for a minor injury or have a suffered a serious injury with the potential for a substantial settlement, our expert team can help.

We recover millions of pounds in compensation for our clients each year and recently settled a claim for £14million for one of our clients.

The majority of claims we handle are funded on a no win, no fee basis, meaning there is usually no upfront cost or financial risk in pursuing a claim with David W Harris & Co.

Get a free first consultation with our personal injury solicitors in South Wales

Unsure whether you have a claim or want to know more about how the personal injury claims process works?

We offer a free first consultation to answer your questions and help you decide whether you wish to pursue a personal injury claim. If you'd like to know how much compensation you could receive for your claim, you can use our personal injury calculator.

Please use our simple online enquiry form to book a free initial chat with our team with no obligation to take things further unless you wish to do so.

Why use David W Harris & Co. for your personal injury claim?

Our costs promise

We offer no win, no fee personal injury claims funding wherever possible. This means that if you lose the claim, and adhere to the terms of the no win, no fee agreement, then you do not pay any of our fees. Not one penny.

Our claims experience

Over the last 35 years, our team of specialist personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for clients.

Independent recognition of our expertise

Personal Injury Partner Robert Thomas is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) reflecting his exceptional level of skill and knowledge in this area.

We are on Headway’s approved list of solicitors in recognition of our ability to effectively handle high value, complex head and brain injury claims.

We are local

We have offices in Pontypridd, Talbot Green, and Swansea. Home Visits can be arranged throughout South Wales.

Maximum compensation

Our team of friendly and approachable lawyers will work with you to ensure you recover what you are entitled to.

Our lawyers are specialists with a wealth of experience in dealing with personal injury claims of all types.

Most claims settled out of court

The vast majority of claims we handle are settled out of court through negotiation with our opponent.

This means we can get maximum compensation for our clients without putting them through the stress and uncertainty of court proceedings. It also means we can usually get compensation faster and with lower legal fees for our clients. 

Types of personal injury claim we can help you claim compensation for

Accidents at work 

Workplace accidents and injuries are all too common and can leave you unable to work, in serious pain and with ongoing health problems. If you suffered an accident at work due to negligence on the part of your employer or another party, you will likely be entitled to compensation.

Our personal injury lawyers can review your situation and advise on whether you are entitled to damages. We can then help you get the best possible settlement.

Road traffic accidents

Car accidents and other types of road accidents are common. Whether you were injured as a driver, motorcyclist, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian, if someone else was to blame, we can help you obtain compensation.

Our team are highly experienced in handling all types of road accident claims, so can quickly tell you whether you are owed compensation and how much you are likely to be able to claim. We can then help you get compensation as quickly and simply as possible.

Slip, trip and falls

A slip, trip or fall might result in minor injuries or something much more serious. Either way, the impact on the injured party is often substantial. Whether you suffered a slip, trip or fall in a public or private place, you may be able to claim if it can be shown someone else’s negligence was the reason for your accident.

Our personal injury solicitors in South Wales help clients with all manner of slip, trip and fall claims, so know when compensation is likely to be achievable and can support you through the whole claims process.

Head and brain injury claims

Brain injuries are some of the most potentially serious injuries a person can suffer. While in some cases the effects are minor and short lived, in many cases, a brain injury can have lifelong consequences. Sadly, many people who suffer a brain injury need help and support for the rest of their lives.

Where a head or brain injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, very substantial compensation may be available. Our team have particular expertise in complex and high value head and brain injury claims, being on the approved solicitors list of leading brain injury charity Headway.

We can advise on whether you are owed compensation and guide you through the whole process of making a claim, whether for yourself or a loved one who does not have the mental capacity to pursue their own claim.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

If you have suffered injury as a result of being assaulted within the last 2 years and you have reported the matter to the Police, then we can help you in obtaining compensation from the Government for your injuries through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) Scheme.

Unfortunately, different cost rules apply in respect of claims being pursued through the CICA but we are able to advise you about how much pursuing your claim will cost.

If you think you may be able to make such a claim, then please contact us to discuss.

Personal injury claims fees and funding

We offer no win, no fee personal injury claims funding wherever possible. How does this work?

You sign a ‘conditional fee agreement’ or ‘CFA’ with us, which means you do not need to pay us anything to start a claim and our fees will only be applied if we secure compensation for you.

If we fail to get compensation for you, and you adhere to the terms of the no win, no fee agreement, you won’t owe us a penny. This means there is no financial risk to you in starting a claim and you don’t need to worry about finding the money to cover our fees.

Depending on the circumstances, other alternative types of funding may be more appropriate e.g. trade union funding for workplace injury claims (if you are a trade union member).

We will be happy to discuss the different options for funding your personal injury claim during your free initial consultation with our team.

Personal injury claim time limits

Normally, you have 3 years to make a personal injury claim from the ‘date of knowledge’. This is the date on which you were aware of the following:

  1. That you had suffered an injury.
  2. That your injury was caused or worsened by someone else’s negligence or deliberate action.

The date of knowledge can be when your injury occurred or much later, depending on the circumstances. This means you can potentially have a lot longer to bring a claim if you only become aware that your injury was someone else’s fault months or even years after the injury occurs.

There are other circumstances where you may have longer to bring a personal injury claim, including:

If the injured party was under 18 at the time of their injury – The 3-year time limit doesn’t kick in until the claimant turns 18, giving a final deadline of their 21st birthday to claim.

If the injured party does not have the mental capacity to bring a claim themselves – There is no time limit for someone else to claim on their behalf.

What you can claim for and how much you can claim

Exactly what you can claim for and what level of damages you can expect will depend on the circumstances, including the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life.

Generally, you can claim damages for:

  • Pain, suffering and loss of amenity –  for your physical and emotional pain and no longer being able to carry out activities you previously could, such as driving, playing sport etc.
  • Financial losses (past and future) due to your injuries – including lost wages, reduction in your future earning potential, the cost of paying for care and treatment, specialist equipment etc.

Our South Wales personal injury lawyers will be happy to discuss the potential damages available during your free initial consultation so you have a good idea of what may be achievable before deciding to pursue a claim.

What to do next about starting a personal injury claim

To book your free initial consultation with one of our specialist personal injury solicitors in Pontypridd, Talbot Green or Swansea, please get in touch.

Simply use our short online enquiry form to tell us you would like to speak to a member of our personal injury team about a potential claim and we will be in touch promptly.