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Personal Injury Solicitors South Wales

When looking for personal injury solicitors, south Wales is not short of options. But for a specialist personal injury law firm that has built up a reputation of always targeting and achieving the largest compensation payout and with 60 years experience behind them, David W Harris & Co makes the grade.

Personal injuries can be life changing. Whether it was an accident at work or on the road, no matter the severity of the injury, someone should and can be held responsible. Rather than just accepting it, contact David W Harris & Co. As personal injury solicitors, South Wales based experts are on hand to explain all the options, the likelihood of achieving a financial payout and to provide a friendly, local face to turn to for any further questions that need answering.

There are many reasons why people turn to personal injury solicitors. South Wales residents need to know that when an accident occurs that wasn’t their fault, there are personal injury lawyers nearby who can take the case on their behalf and achieve substantial payouts.

David W Harris & Co take on claims relating to:

  • Accidents at work
  • Road accidents (for drivers, passengers and pedestrians)
  • Accidents in the street
  • Accidents on someone else’s property

By talking to David W Harris & Co personal injury solicitors, South Wales accident victims will be immediately put at ease. If the accident occurred within the past three years, the chances are compensation can be pursued. The rules are different for accidents involving children. The maximum amount of compensation is always targeted and no deductions are ever made as all costs are taken from the other side.

David W Harris & Co is recognised as one of the best firms of personal injury solicitors South Wales has to offer. With over 25 years experience in personal injury claims and over 60 years as a law firm, there are very few other teams of solicitors in the area that can compete.

If you have suffered an injury within the past three years that wasn’t your fault, contact David W Harris & Co for expert legal assistance.