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Wills Solicitors in Swansea

Many individuals don’t understand the significance of having a Will in place and neglect to write one before it’s too late. Unfortunately, doing so can cause a whirlwind of problems after you pass away.

Our expert Wills solicitors in Swansea can provide a comforting service, ensuring that your wishes are met.

Writing a Will is important for many reasons, such as, allowing your loved ones to benefit from your estate after you pass and reducing inheritance tax and the likelihood of contentious probate.

Our specialist solicitors that deal with Wills in Swansea have a wealth of combined experience assisting all types of clients in the following matters:

  • Drafting your Will
  • Providing inheritance tax planning advice
  • Updating your Will
  • Will storage

Contact our Will writing solicitors in Swansea

Should you need a guide to writing a Will, you can call our specialist team on 01792 455400 or use our simple online enquiry form to book a free initial chat with one of our Will writing solicitors in Swansea. We respond promptly to all enquiries.

Why use David W Harris as your Will writing solicitors?

Our private client team at David W Harris have seasoned expertise in all Will writing matters and can help you to swiftly take the appropriate actions to protect your interests and those of your loved ones.

It’s understandable that discussing your death may be an uncomfortable topic you wish to avoid. Nevertheless, putting a Will in place is crucial, particularly if you have children, have significant assets, or wish for an unmarried partner or friend to inherit from your estate.

Our lawyers will approach all Will writing matters with the utmost sensitivity. We recognise that the topic may be a sensitive matter and will ensure you are completely comfortable and understand the arrangement you are signing. Should you have any questions or worries, we will promptly answer these, making sure you are happy with your decisions.

If you would like to discuss your Will writing requirements with our solicitors that deal with Wills in Swansea, please get in touch. We can also provide inheritance tax planning advice should you require it.

Our Will writing service expertise

Drafting your Will

Having a Will in place is extremely important, helping to make certain that your loved ones are financially cared for after your passing and reducing the possibility of contentious probate claims.

Our Will writing solicitors in Swansea can help you to draft a Will that reflects your personal circumstances and situation. We have helped provide clients with specialist tips for writing a Will, including high net worth clients with more complex circumstances.

Providing inheritance tax planning advice

Everyone has a responsibility to pay 40% inheritance tax (IHT) if their estate is valued over the nil-rate band, (which currently stands at £325,000). However, there are ways to reduce the 40% or prevent the estate from incurring inheritance tax altogether. Seeking the assistance of a solicitor is crucial to ensure that your estate is as tax efficient as possible.

Our inheritance tax planning solicitors in Swansea have a high level of knowledge, skill, and experience with inheritance tax matters. We can provide inheritance tax planning advice, ensuring you have the specialist guidance you need to ensure your estate pays the minimum amount of inheritance tax required.

Inheritance tax can be reduced by:

  • Leaving the entirety or anything above the nil-rate band to your spouse or civil partner.
  • Leaving 10% or more of your estate to a charity, political party, or local sports club - reducing inheritance tax from 40% to 36%.
  • Gifting family during your life.
  • Use property allowances – leaving property to children or grandchildren increases the threshold by £175,000 to £500,000.

Updating your Will

It is highly recommended to review your Will every five years, and if you have experienced any significant changes to your circumstances, you should update your Will to align with these. Examples of when a Will should be amended include having a child, getting married, purchasing property, divorce and more. Obtaining the advice and guidance of a solicitor is imperative.

Our solicitors can ensure the updates to your Will still reflect your wishes and do not implement you in any way, for example, with inheritance tax and making certain that your Will continues to be as tax efficient as possible.

Will storage

When storing your Will, it is encouraged to select a safe spot and ensure that someone you trust, for instance your chosen executor, is aware of this location. There is no specific requirement for storing a Will, it can be kept at home, with an accountant or somewhere else.

Many individuals choose to store their Will with their solicitor. At David W Harris, we offer clients a free of charge Will storage service and will provide a copy to you. Should you wish to amend, destroy or move your Will, this can be done at any point.

Our Wills solicitors’ legal fees

At David W Harris, our solicitors offer flexible funding and no matter the appointed funding route, you can be confident of receiving an estimated cost of writing a Will from the outset.

We offer a free first consultation to answer your Will writing questions and concerns and help you decide whether our team are the right people to assist you.

Fixed fee Wills

Where it is possible, particularly in simple Will writing matters, our team may be able to charge clients on a fixed fee basis. Please refer to the table below for a clear idea of pricing.

Simple Single Will£125
Simple Joint Wills£200
Complex Joint Wills (inc. Joint Tenancy Severance)£350
Simple Will Amendment(s)£50 - £100
Codicil£50 - £100

Hourly rates for Will writing

For more complicated Will writing matters, such as high net worth estates with inheritance tax planning, we may need to base our fees on an hourly rate.

Contact our solicitors that deal with Wills in Swansea

Should you need advice on writing a Will in you can call us on 01792 455400 or use our simple online enquiry form to book a free initial chat with one of our expert Will writing solicitors in Swansea. We respond promptly to all enquiries.