Settlement for cyclist's traumatic brain injury & orthopaedic injuries

On 12th January 2017, JC was cycling to work when a car door was opened into his path, causing him to be knocked off his pushbike into the carriageway. He was then struck by a Ford Transit. As a result of the accident, JC sustained multiple orthopaedic injuries as well as a very serious traumatic brain injury.

JC was initially an in-patient at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, before being transferred to Rookwood Hospital for rehabilitation.

Whilst JC was an in-patient at Rookwood Hospital, and in preparation for his discharge, a Case Manager by the name of Mr. Kevin Thomas was appointed. Mr. Thomas assessed JC’s initial needs in line with the Rehabilitation Code. David W Harris were appointed as JC’s solicitors and our brain injury specialist, Garan Treharne, liaised with Mr Thomas.

Our team secured funding from the Defendant to ensure that not only were JC’s needs being met at Rookwood Hospital, but that there was suitable accommodation for him to move into upon discharge with a full private package of interventions ready and in place.

We persuaded the Defendant’s insurers to purchase and adapt a bungalow for JC to lease from the Defendant’s insurers at a peppercorn rent (the adapted bungalow was eventually transferred into the name of JC as part of his settlement). JC moved into the adapted bungalow when he was discharged from Rookwood hospital on the 13th April 2018.

Our team liaised with Mr. Kevin Thomas and the brain injury care team at Interserve Healthcare to ensure that there was a 24-hour care package in place for JC as well as a rehabilitation assistant, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and neuropsychologist.

The care package and therapies were regularly reviewed by Mr. Thomas and Garan to ensure that they were meeting JC’s needs. Garan attended regular Multidsciplinary Team (MDT) appointments with JC’s carers and rehab team to make sure he was receiving the best possible care.

All of this was achieved through private negotiation with the Defendant’s insurers, allowing JC to get the maximum available compensation and the best possible care without the need for lengthy, expensive and stressful court proceedings.

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