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Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

Protecting your inheritance rights while avoiding unnecessary conflict

Unfortunately, despite the best planning, disputes can arise in relation to a Will or the administration of a deceased person’s estate. Sometimes the issue is about what is the true meaning of a Will or whether or not the Will is valid. Sometimes the dispute is about how assets are being administered, or it can relate to disputes over who has been included (or who has not) within the deceased’s Will.

Inheritance disputes can be very damaging for those involved, with the potential to impact your inheritance and hurt key relationships, while the costs involved can quickly eat into the value of the estate.

Getting expert advice early can help you to find a positive outcome quickly and cost-effectively, protecting your inheritance rights, relationships and the value of the estate.

Our inheritance disputes solicitors in Swansea, Pontypridd and Talbot Green can help with matters including:

  • Contested Wills
  • Executor and estate administrator disputes
  • Inheritance Act claims

As we have inheritance disputes experts at each of our local offices in Pontypridd, Swansea and Talbot Green, we can offer a truly local, convenient service for our clients.

We know how sensitive inheritance disputes can be, with the need to balance your rights, the costs involved and the potential impact on you and your loved ones. Our team take a careful, pragmatic approach, focused on securing a fair outcome while making sure that the issues you care about are safeguarded at all times.

Our inheritance disputes fees

We are committed to keeping our fees fair and transparent. To find out more about the potential costs involved in an inheritance dispute, please get in touch.

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