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Dog Bite Claims

If you have been bitten and injured by a dog because of the owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Being bitten by a dog can be frightening and leave you with physical injuries as well as making a psychological impact. If you are suffering because of a dog bite, compensation could allow you to access the right treatment and help.

Get expert help to claim dog bite compensation

David W Harris & Co are expert dog bite personal injury lawyers in South Wales. We have been representing individuals in making compensation claims after incidents with dogs for many years and have the experience to ensure that the process is as stress-free as possible.

Our experience with dog bite claims

Our dog bite solicitors in South Wales can help you with a range of claims involving dogs, including:

  • Compensation for dog bite
  • Injury caused by being knocked over by a dog
  • Road accident caused by an out-of-control dog
  • Child bitten by a dog
  • Bite from a guard dog
  • Injuries to other animals caused by a dog, such as horses, sheep or cows
  • Workers such as delivery people or tradespeople attacked by a dog

We will work to obtain a settlement on your behalf by way of negotiation wherever possible. Our team have extensive experience in resolving cases by agreement and a strong track record of success in obtaining compensation.

Get a free first consultation with our dog bite compensation solicitors in South Wales

You may be uncertain as to whether you are entitled to a payment in respect of damages for a dog bite, or you may have questions you would like answered before you go ahead with a claim.

We offer a free initial consultation with one of our experts to give you the opportunity to discuss what happened and ask us about any concerns.

If you would like to book a free chat with a team member, fill in our simple online enquiry form, and we will call you. There is no obligation to you to proceed with the case unless you wish to do so.

Why use David W Harris & Co for your dog bite personal injury claim?

We are known for our strong client representation in respect of a range of compensation claims. Benefits of using our team to represent you include:

  • No win no fee funding for dog bite claims
  • Millions of pounds of compensation won for our clients over the past 35 years
  • Our personal injury solicitors are recommended by the sector’s leading bodies:
  • We cover the whole of South Wales with offices in PontypriddTalbot Green and Swansea, and home visits can be arranged if necessary
  • We regularly settle claims without the need for court hearings, which is usually a faster, more cost-effective and less stressful way of dealing with issues
  • We have an excellent record of obtaining maximum dog bite compensation for our clients

Find out more about our personal injury claims expertise.

Dog bite claims fees and funding

Fixed fee dog bite claims

We offer fixed fees for low value personal injury claims, which generally includes compensation for dog bites. These costs will usually be recovered, at least in part, from the defendant on completion of a successful claim.

For more complex cases or where the claim is of high value, our charges will be on a sliding scale, and we will go through the likely costs with you during our initial conversation.

No win, no fee dog bite compensation claims

We often work with clients on a no win, no fee basis for dog bite claims, which is also referred to as a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’.

Advantages of a no win, no fee dog bite claim include:

  • No initial payment required
  • No fees are payable unless your claim is successful
  • Should you not be compensated for the dog bite, you will not owe us anything
  • This means there is no financial risk in pursuing the claim

Another possible option is using your home insurance to fund your personal injury dog bite claim if this includes legal expenses insurance.

If you would like to discuss the best way to fund your claim, we will be happy to talk through your choices with you at an initial consultation.

For more information, see no win, no fee personal injury claims funding.

Common questions about dog bite claims

Can I claim compensation for a dog bite?

If you have been bitten by a dog because of someone else’s negligence and you have suffered an injury, you may be entitled to claim compensation, provided that the incident happened within the last three years.

Where the victim was a child at the time of the attack, they will have three years from the age of 18 in which to commence a claim.

How much dog bite compensation can you claim?

The amount payable will depend on the severity of the injury and whether you suffered any other losses, such as loss of earnings. You will also be entitled to claim for your pain and suffering.

In extreme cases, many thousands of pounds have been paid to people who have been mauled by a dog.

Is there a time limit for dog bite personal injury claims?

The time limit during which a personal injury claim for a dog bite should be commenced is three years unless the victim is a child. This period runs from the date on which you become aware of the injury, which would generally be the date of the incident.

On rare occasions, a court may give permission for an action to be started even though it is out of time.

What to do next about starting a dog bite claim

To book your free initial consultation with one of our specialist dog bite claims solicitors in PontypriddTalbot Green or Swansea, please get in touch.

Simply use our short online enquiry form to tell us you would like to speak to a member of our personal injury team about a dog bite claim, and we will contact you promptly.